Chemical Consultant – GHS CLP SDS

Consultancy specialising in the global regulatory compliance of chemical products.

  • Classification of products under GHS (Globally Harmonised System) – European regulations (CLP) a speciality but global advice available
  • Labelling advice and guides
  • Authorisation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • C&L notifications
  • Poison centre notifications
  • Identification and assistance with any other regulatory needs and product stewardship requirements
  • DGSA consultant available for transport classification and labelling advice
  • Translation services
  • Clear and detailed supporting documentation justifying decisions are supplied should there be challenges from customers or authorities.

Initial consultation(s) free.

Smaller businesses a speciality for affordable compliance.

Work can be done electronically with communication via phone, email or Skype.

Are my products classified and under what regulations?
Do they need a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?
How do I label my product?
Where do I start?


Products serviced include (but not limited to):

  • Raw materials and solutions
  • Cleaning products (aquatic, household, medical and vehicle)
  • Candles and waxes
  • Lubricants
  • Fuels
  • Nicotine replacement therapy products
  • Schedule 6 Veterinary medicines
  • Pond and aquarium products
  • Biocidal and bio hazardous products
  • Mineral products
  • Aerosols

Hourly rate for short term work, with milestones agreed in advance to avoid cost escalation.

Discounts available for booking full day’s work, short contracts and retainers.

Please contact me for a service quote.