Chemical Consultant (CLP & GHS)

Smaller businesses a speciality for affordable compliance

Full service available including

  • Classification
  • Labelling guides
  • Safety Data sheet authorisation

Do you:

  • Know what your products should be classified as?
  • NeedĀ advice writing GHS/REACH/ CLP compliant safety data sheets?
  • Have chemical labelling concerns?

Most work can be done electronically with communication via phone, email or Skype.

Initial consultation free.

Dr Renfrey takes pride in assisting smaller companies, where it would be difficult to to have the expertise in house, to provide an affordable solution to your regulatory issues regarding hazardous chemical products.

This includes classification of your products, labelling guides and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authorisation (translation service into many languages also available).

Comprehensive classification of mixtures using existing data or via calculation methodology where appropriate.

Using expert judgement decisions based on sound scientific principles to provide accurate, relevant and clearly explained classification of mixtures.

Clear concise reports (in your company formatting if requested) will provide suitable records should the method be challenged by authorities.

Are you unsure whether you need to get your product(s) classified?

Manufacturers, importers or downstream users who supply a substance or mixture which is not yet in the finished state is obliged to classify, package and label it in accordance with CLP for the European market, and increasingly GHS for many other countries.