Dr Sarah Renfrey has a BSc degree in Food Science and Microbiology and a PhD in Food Biochemistry, both from Surrey University in the UK.

She is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a member of CHCS (Chemical Hazards Communication Society), and the SHCS (Society for Chemical Hazard Communication).

Dr Renfrey has many years of experience working in a variety of roles in industries including chemicals, veterinary medicine, detergents, lubricants, and food roles ranging from quality control, quality assurance, product development, health and safety, process engineering, as well as compliance and regulatory affairs, so has a wide experience in a variety of industries which gives her a broad knowledge of borderline products and unusual niche products in both consumer and industrial markets.

She has excellent knowledge of chemical regulations (especially CLP), classification of mixtures and Safety Data Sheet authorisation. More recently her knowledge has expanded to include the classification and labelling of dangerous goods for transport, and is considering DGSA training later on this year.

She regularly attends courses in chemical regulations and updates. The most recent include the classification advanced toxicology and ecotoxicity.

photo of Dr Renfrey
Dr Renfrey’s PhD Graduation: 2009